Vicky & Leo

Vicky and Leo returned after a 6 month space between their last visit. This was part of a growing up package that Vicky had wanted. The first time I used the mobile studio at her home and the second was shot here at my studio. The images came out really well as Leo was teething and wasnt in the mood initially. It was nice to take some portrait shots of Vicky and show that mummy can look good too!

2 thoughts on “Vicky & Leo

  1. Thank you for capturing these special moments. We miss Leo and Vicky lots and it’s wonderful to see them grow thru your beautiful photographs.
    Aunts Nat, Uncle Peter , Stephy and Mya from Australia

  2. Yet again Jim has produced some amazing pictures of me and my son! I am so impressed with these pictures and his photographs are by far the best I have ever had done in differnt studios with other photographers.

    This watch me grow package is a fantastic idea and by timing it cleverly with Christmas and Leo’s first birthday, they will make fantastic gifts for family in Australia.

    Thank you so much for working with me and my(at times) not so happy toddler.

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